'Dr. Seuss' BVU radio ads have students seeing red

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

As most everyone on campus knows, Buena Vista University became the first totally wireless campus in the nation this fall.

To ensure that prospective students know that fact and become more aware of BVU overall, an advertising campaign was recently launched in the Des Moines area. Some students on campus, however, are disappointed and upset by the advertisements, particularly the radio spots, and the way they portray current BVU students.

The company behind BVU's latest advertising campaign project is Stamats Communications, Inc., a national educational marketing firm based out of Cedar Rapids.

Because of the limited time that BVU will remain the only wireless campus in the nation, the University wants to promote that feature to all prospective students.

"It seemed like a good idea, since the value of eBVyou in distinguishing Buena Vista University from other institutions has a narrow window of opportunity," Rich Ridgway, director of university communications, said. "We won't be the first wireless campus much beyond this academic year. If we were going to distinguish ourselves through advertising, this would be the time."

The goal of the campaign was to create an awareness of the University and what it has to offer its students to those who had not heard of BVU.

"We are looking for ways to improve our awareness among our prospective students and their parents around the state because we just don't enjoy a very high degree of awareness right now," Ridgway said.

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