Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Pass law on drink specials


I was saddened to see the city council's response to the drink specials ordinance introduced on June 16. Chief Prosser and the city attorney proposed a well thought out and enforceable ordinance to reduce binge drinking in Storm Lake which the council quickly tabled.

Sure there are some small issues to work out, no ordinance can cover every possible contingency, but the council and others present at that meeting failed to see the "big picture."

No one denies that binge drinking is a serious problem in our community. And if you're not sure just visit with some high school or college age students. Young people drink to get drunk, there is nothing social about it. Their goal is to "party till you puke." Drink specials reinforce this type of thinking by offering drink-till-you-drown and nickel pitcher specials.

Eliminating this way of selling drinks will have some impact on actual consumption; but the bigger effect will be to send the message that this type of drinking is inappropriate and dangerous. Changing the attitude and behavior of young people will take time and action by the community. It won't happen overnight but it can be done. The sooner we start the better.

I applaud Chief Prosser's and Mr. Havens' efforts to protect the safety of our community with this ordinance. Now it's time for the council to get on board!

Bonnie Conley RN BSN,

Chairperson, B. V. County

Prevention Initiative

Sow's ear out of silk purse


What do Iowa Republicans have against counties and the property taxpayers who fund them? The latest example deals with new voting requirements passed by overwhelming votes in Congress. Iowa counties could have received $8 million in federal funds to meet the new requirements for updated voting machines and other improvements. All the Legislature had to do was to approve $400,000 in state matching funds.

Instead, Iowa Republicans refused to go along with Republican President George Bush and the Republican Congress. They refused to provide the matching funds and Iowa counties will have to pick up the $8 million bill.

Iowa Republicans have made a sow's ear out of a silk purse and once again stuck it to Iowa property taxpayers.

Dan Mock,