Swimming pool conditions top city council meeting

Thursday, October 5, 2000

Tony Weiland represented the Park Board during a discussion with the city council in regards to possible improvements to the municipal swimming pool in Alta Monday night.

"I guess the concern we had was whether we should put money into the pool," Weiland said. "We're not sure what the life expectancy is on a pool and whether or not it's worth improving."

A grant has been applied for to update the bathhouse at the pool. The grant request was $13,900 and total project costs were estimated to be $41,000.

"The pool is not exactly a money maker so I guess I'd like to see us put some money into it," council member Dan Huseman said, noting that the city would have to partially cover any new renovation costs to the pool.

According to Mayor Edwin Buckendahl, the current pool was built in the late 50s. There needs to be some work done on the bathhouse at the pool, but other than that the pool appears to be operating fairly well.

Suggestions to improve the pool included adding a water slide and enclosing the pool so that the swimming season could be extended.

"It seems a shame that it can only be used three months out of the year," council member Brian Walsh said. "I think it's worth checking into. Our water is heated and I think with a frame, kind of like a greenhouse, it could be used more in the winter.

"I think the school would even be interested in it and would possibly share in the cost."

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