A farewell message from Martin Jischke

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Iowa is also a great place to be an educator, and Iowa State University is a great place-one of the greatest-to be a university president. So it's with great sadness that we leave Iowa State University; sadness tempered only by the great excitement we feel about the new challenges and opportunities at Purdue University.

It will take time before we will be comfortable thinking of ourselves as Hoosiers and Boilermakers instead of Iowans and Cyclones. And, yes, it will feel strange-to wear black and gold, after nine years of wearing cardinal red and gold, and scrupulously avoiding those other colors. And while I will now be cheering for the Big 10, you should know that we will always be Cyclone fans. (Anytime Purdue and Iowa State meet in athletics, I will secretly be hoping for a tie.)

These past nine years have been some of the very best years of our lives - personally and professionally. Son Charles and daughter Mary grew to young adulthood at the Knoll; they are now off making their own lives, which made it timely for us "empty nesters" to accept the new challenge at Purdue. Patty has loved every minute of her involvement in university and community projects, from the Reiman Gardens to the library to youth programs and services. And I believe I learned to become a better university president in my nine years at Iowa State, and I have many, many students, faculty and staff, alumni, and others to thank for that.

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