Thursday, September 28, 2000

Dinners are interrupted, family time is shortened, study times are provided with a distraction, and precious sleep time is put on hold while telemarketers try to sell their wares.

In this day of instant everything, we must expect that sales will be attempted by the most expedient route. The telephone is one of those-faster than sending them to your door-routes. As our technology advances, our laws must be written to ensure our homes remain our castles.

We do not have to allow telemarketers to invade our lives. Legislation needs to be enacted to channel them to appropriate times for their sales. Other states have successfully enacted these types of laws. Iowa should too. People are more important than sales.

We also must support our U.S. Congressmen when they work to find ways to stop selling of private information in computer systems from one company to another. Although interstate commerce laws apply to this situation, we must make it known that Iowans want their private information safeguarded.

As your Representative, I will support regaining your privacy in your own home. Be sure you are a registered voter and vote Tuesday, November 7.

Sue Morrow

Iowa House Candidate

Storm Lake