Altatec cable TV service boots up

Thursday, September 28, 2000

The first service to be offered by the Telecommunicaitons Utility in Alta boots up Oct. 1.

The Altatec cable service is the first service being offered and will be used to test the rest of the system with.

The cable TV lineup has been decided with those interested able to sign-up now at the Municipal Utilities Building.

Cable has been plowed to all the homes as the whole system will be used one day to read electric and water meters. Each home is receiving a 6" X 8" ADC box where the data will go into for the selected services.

The basic service package offers 49 channels at a cost of $24.95 per month. HBO, HBO Plus and HBO Family can be recieved for $14 per month as can Cinemax, Action Max or Trillermax. Showtime, The Movie Channel or Sundance can be added for $12 or all three can be added for $18. The STARZ network can be added for $18. The STARZ network can be added for $7.10 per month.

There will also be a local line broadcast that will be used for school functions, city council meetings and community events.

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