Greensaver makes way for expanded BV Shopper

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Several small newspaper companies have voted to disband the Greensaver, a cooperative shopper that has appeared in the Pilot-Tribune and other publications around northwest Iowa.

The decision makes way for an expansion of the Buena Vista Shopper, published exclusively by the Pilot-Tribune, as the leading advertising publication in the region. The local features of the Greensaver will now appear in an expanded version of the Buena Vista Shopper, which is distributed free to over 20,000 homes in the region.

"The decision to disband the Greensaver was made by a vote of several small publishing companies, including those located in Odebolt, Newell, Vail, Schleswig, Schaller, Ida Grove, Mapleton and Charter Oak-Ute," Pilot-Tribune publisher Bob Madsen said. "While that publication will cease, we are pleased to have the opportunity to present the advertising features of the Green Saver that are valued by our community to an even broader area in the Buena Vista Shopper.

"The expanded Buena Vista Shopper will differ from another local publication that is trying to emulate the Greensaver with a 'Green Sheet,'" Madsen said, "in that circulation of the Buena Vista Shopper will continue to be free of charge to our customers' doorstep or mailbox with or without purchase of a subscription. Ours is the only newspaper in Buena Vista County to offer such a free service. This is an exciting new opportunity to expand our advertising offerings as the dominant news and advertising family of publications in the region."

The Buena Vista shopper reaches the full area, Madsen noted, including Alta, Aurelia, Sioux Rapids, Galva and the Pilot-Tribune readership throughout Storm Lake, where other subscription-based advertising vehicles are not distributed.

The Green Saver publication will end October 1. Its features will appear in the Buena Vista Shopper immediately, with additional changes and additions planned for the publication later in the year.

For more information about the expanded Buena Vista Shopper, contact Publisher Bob Madsen or advertising director Rita Hocking at 712-732-3130.