Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Seeing ability, not disability


This letter is sent in praise of a member of the Storm Lake community that has gone beyond saying she will be open-minded and supportive of citizens that are mentally or physically challenged, to actually providing an opportunity to such an individual. That person is Susan Stone, the director of the Storm Lake Public Library.

Earlier this year, Susan enthusiastically agreed to having our son, Christopher, serve as a volunteer in the library twice a week. She has taken her time and provided the use of her staff to offer instruction to Christopher in how to use the computer system to check in and check out books and videos, along with other meaningful tasks that would otherwise not been available to him.

We commend Susan for this effort and offer her our sincere thanks. She truly has seen "ability" instead of "disability." She serves as a great role model for so many. Thank you, Susan!

Brad and Maureen Strader,

Storm Lake