Remembering Gaffney as a friend to the FH&C children

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

We want to offer our sympathy to the Richard Gaffney family. Our lives, especially that of our daughter, Kim, have been greatly affected by the caring volunteerism which Mr. Gaffney gave to the Faith, Hope, and Charity Home for special children.

During the FHC fund raising drive which he headed, he expressed in so many ways his love and concern for those who need complete care. This was his passion to complete the new facility for the kids, and he worked until that goal was met. He also took time to be with these children, and because of his compassion for them, he had the ability to look beyond all their handicaps to see the loving child inside.

We have kept some precious mementos, and one we have is the following poem of his which was published in one of the FHC newsletters. To our family this is a lasting memorial to Richard Gaffney for all the fine work he has done for Faith, Hope and Charity and our Storm Lake community. He will live on in our hearts.

Bob and Ann Mein

Storm Lake