Dragon boats make waves in LG

Thursday, June 19, 2003

The Little Sioux River in Linn Grove promises an afternoon of fun on the water for all ages.

The Dragon Boat races are a part of Linn Grove's 1st Annual River Jamboree, which will take place Saturday, June 21. Committee members have constructed a prototype Dragon Boat that will maneuver it's way through an obstacle course on the Little Sioux River.

Jamboree participants are invited to come to the banks of the river to construct and decorate a boat using materials provided on the site.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon Boats, they are generally constructed from large cardboard boxes using duct tape and milk cartons (for floatation) and can be decorated in various themes.

Participants are invited to construct their boats during the morning hours, with racing beginning at 1 p.m. For a complete list of the Jamboree's activities, check out www.linngroveiowa.org.

Linn Grove's River Jamboree is part of a continuing effort to renew city pride and revitalize the downtown and surrounding area. Linn Grove's mayor/city council and residents have made a determined effort in recent years to improve the appearance of the town.

Mayor Denny Graesing says, "It has been a great pleasure to work with a city council that is willing to move ahead in a positive direction. We hope to make Linn Grove a community more appealing to people of all ages, especially to young families."

The Jamboree has been a joint effort of the Jamboree committee, city leaders and area residents. "There are countless numbers of people to thank for donations, organizing, time, and effort in planning our Jamboree," said Rob Wadsley, City Councilman and Jamboree committee member. "This has been an opportunity to bring the community together in a way that has not been seen for many years."

The Silent Auction, which will he held from 9 to 5 in the Community Center, is an integral facet of the Jamboree, Improvements and activities are not without cost, and the Silent Auction is a way to offset the expenses and generate revenue for next year's Jamboree. Residents and area merchants have been very generous in donating items. Some items that will available include a Linden tree, a Norway Spruce tree, a wicker wine & cheese basket, a framed print of an eagle, a lap quilt sewn by local ladies, some country music CDs, a kid's scooter, a turquoise necklace, sourwood honey from North Carolina, and some coupons and gift certificates from local businesses.

Of special interest in the auction is a painting of downtown Linn Grove that was painted by Mary Thomas Wheeler in 1930. Mary was Buena Vista College's first Homecoming Queen. Mary and her family loved the Linn Grove area and visited frequently. She told stories of riding by horse and buggy to Linn Grove to ride down the river and enjoy the beauty of the area.

The winner of this particular painting will be given possession for one year and will return the painting to the town of Linn Grove at the end of that time. The painting will be auctioned again the following year.