Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Alcohol policy and the collegiate campus


The front page article in your June 14 edition, titled "Council may ban booze specials in SL," told readers that I am opposed to a local ordinance banning alcoholic beverage specials. That statement is inaccurate and regrettable, especially given that the author apparently had possession of my May 29 letter to Chief Prosser on this subject. Moreover, the article unfortunately omits the steps being taken by the higher education community in Iowa to combat drink specials.

I am not opposed to an ordinance. Based upon the white paper authored by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission, titled "High-Risk Drinking on College Campuses," I do believe that the optimal way to combat drink specials is statewide legislation banning them. Some 16 states have adopted such statutes.

In addition to proposing a statewide law, the white paper makes a series of other proposals aimed at reducing high-risk drinking. I am pleased to report that the Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-Secondary Education recently endorsed all of the white paper's recommendations, including the call for statewide legislation. The higher education community intends to work hard to see a law passed that would prohibit specials. High-risk and underage drinking are serious problems on college campuses throughout the nation and we must all labor diligently to prevent such self-destructive behaviors and their harmful consequences.

Frederick V. Moore

President, Buena Vista University