Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Tired of the Tyson critics


As a wife of an employee of Tyson Fresh Meats I feel I need to voice my opinion in regards to Stewart Goslinga's editorial. [June 10, Pilot-Tribune]

I agree that the spill was not an "act of god" nor an act of negligence but an accident. My husband was called into the plant about 10:20 that night and stayed till 10:30 the next morning fixing the problem. They had the spill itself contained in a short period of time.

I'm not saying this is not a tragic accident, I'm just tired of people always criticizing Tyson. Tyson puts a lot of food on people's tables and roofs over their heads, not to mention money in the community.

As far as a fair fee goes let's be reasonable, should they be fined? Probably. However, make the fine fair and reasonable for this type of accident and not just out to get more money because of the company. Accidents do happen. If your sewer pipe to your

home bursts wouldn't it be considered an accident? Machines and metals are not 100 percent foolproof. Accidents happen.

The dike being put up afterwards was in addition to their overspill site, which was already full, and keeping it contained in the dike spared the lake. The spill could have been a lot worse if not for this and I suggest that in the future you make sure you have all the facts from the source. There will always be people out there willing to make quick and wrong judgments and I just hope that others will realize that there is usually more to a story.

Storm Lake is a beautiful city and I am sure as any city surrounding a lake goes, spills and accidents happen and not just businesses, but homeowners too. Let's be fair!

I feel that all those involved with the spill responded as quickly and efficiently as possible making the spill as minimal as they could and I would like to thank them for their time and effort.

Janine Davis,