Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Volunteers make

the action happen


When the community works together, good things happen. With the help of the following businesses and organizations, VIA (Volunteers in Action) was able to offer Money Smart, a FDIC program that helps individuals build financial knowledge, develop financial confidence, and use banking services effectively. Thank you to: Paula Balder and Central Bank, Judy Ploeger and Security Trust and Savings Bank, Charlie Larson and Northwest Federal Savings Bank, and Dr. Kruse and Mike Hanna of the Storm Lake Community School District. Storm Lake should appreciate the many community-minded businesses we have and their efforts to make things happen.

Priscilla Robinson,

Storm Lake High School

History in motion


I enjoyed the article on the Rembrandt history book, and I was especially happy for Helene and Betty for being recognized for their efforts and time they put into the project. Usually, this kind of insight into a state's history is for larger towns and cities. I am honored that I was given the chance to make my small contribution to the book. Thank you to the State Historical Society of Iowa for their recognition of the importance of the book and to the papers for spreading the word.

Roger Pewsey,

Via e-mail

Corporate welfare?


The Legislature is willing to pass and Governor Vilsack intends to sign the Iowa Value Fund package even though the bill would take away the rights of citizens to hold corporate wrongdoers accountable for punitive damages. Citizens' rights should first be the foundation of any economic development plan. Without citizens' rights, we cannot truly have economic development for all Iowa citizens.

This bill appears to be corporate welfare at the expense of the citizens of Iowa.

Lorue Tallesen,

Gilmore City