City holds on State Park planning cost

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Council commits to $400,00 for Harbor House, hopes to see other groups help fund $90,000 architect fee

While the Storm Lake City Council approved a $400,000 commitment to purchase the Harbor House and $12,500 to secure a $50,000 grant, council members have decided to wait before approving a contract with a landscape architect to develop a master plan for a Storm Lake State Park.

Council members hope to see further funding commitment from other entities and organizations before signing a deal with the Ciaccio Dennell Group.

The council is not turning its back on the project, Councilman Dennis Vaudt stressed.

"We're about to make a $412,500 commitment to this state park," he said, referring to the purchase agreement for the Harbor House at $400,000 and another $12,500 in a local match for a state planning grant.

Before considering the Ciaccio Dennell contract, the city council approved entering into an agreement with the Iowa Department of Economic Development for a $50,000 state planning grant. After a local match of $12,500, that would still leave $27,500 to be found to pay for the approximately $90,000 master plan the planning firm would develop.

Besides an unknown commitment from the Wal-Mart Foundation expected tomorrow, Mayor Jon Kruse said no other groups have committed funds for the planning costs.

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