Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

The Iowa values


The Iowa Values Fund, Tax Reform Legislation and Regulatory Reform Legislation have been approved by the Iowa House of Representatives and are now in the hands of the State Senate and we urge all Iowans to support this economic development package. These three critically important pieces of legislation remain works in progress. The Senate spent the week debating how to fill a revenue gap created by income tax cuts. The House has already passed this package. Upon adjournment there was no agreement and a special legislative session will result.

The Values Fund contains $330 million for business development and assistance, $75 million for community college and workforce training, $40 million for regional economic development, $65 million for quality of life measures including the Community Action and Tourism fund and state parks, and $250 million for school infrastructure.

This approach to economic development will stimulate Iowa's economy, create jobs, keep Iowans in Iowa and make our state an even better place to live. All of us, as Iowans, need the Iowa Values Fund signed into law.

Dr. Bob Paxton,

Iowa Central Community College

Palace in Iowa


A Saddam Palace in Iowa. The massive new judicial building, with its own dome, was open to the public on Saturday, May 3. With Justices on board who discriminate against women, who appear in the lower courts to win huge awards for their personal friends, and openly commit perjury - what else can this be than a Saddam Palace? For this Iowa resident, I will take a tin shed with a leaky roof any day housed with honest people.

Lyle D. Spencer,