Letters to the Pilot

Monday, April 14, 2003

Minority gap


In response to the headline "Minorities lag behind in pay" in the April 8, 2002, Pilot-Tribune: They may, but only they can change it. Instead of complaining, better yourself. Just like everyone else is expected to and work hard at doing. My taxes, along with everyone else's, are there to help them.

* 1st - Become a legal resident, if you are not.

* 2nd - Learn English, classes are free at Iowa Central. If you can get to a Wal-Mart to shop, you can find Iowa Central Community College.

* 3rd - Attend classes for a GED (High School diploma), they have different options for times.

* 4th - Enroll in a night or day class in an area you're interested in learning and doing.

* 5th - My taxes pay for you to do these. Quit complaining. You personally are the ONLY one to change.

No one is asking anyone to do something that is not required for another to earn a better living in the USA!

Carol Peterson,

Albert City