Guest Opinion

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Who do the peace marchers think we're dealing with?

I don't know if my opinion will be a popular one, but it is just that, an opinion. I am for going to war with Iraq.

There it is, my opinion, as simple as black and white. I don't understand the argument of peaceful solutions. Have the peace marching people not seen who it is that we are dealing with? Saddam Hussein or as I will refer to him, Saddam Insane, is a person who does not understand peace. This is a man who had reportedly hidden weapons in children's hospitals. A man who routinely tortures his people by cutting out tongues, beatings and amputations, to name a few. A man who rapes girls at the young age of 11. A man who does not hide his deep rooted hate for America or Americans. Who really thinks that we can work out a peaceful solution with this man?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a friend, neighbor, enemy? All of the arguments we have over property lines, school board decisions, city council affairs. How quickly does resolution come, how quickly do we forgive? Can you imagine trying to persuade a person who has grown to hate Americans for all that we stand for, who dictates a country out of spite of freedom, who stores biological chemicals that would disease our children. Can we reason with him? Will it all go away with a persuasive speech by Colin Powell? I don't believe so. And I am not willing to gamble our freedom.

In a recent letter to the editor a citizen questioned the cost of war. I don't ever remember learning in history class that a country declared war because they budgeted for it. Yes, I am sure going to war will cause a deficit, but what are we talking about? Over 3,000 people lost their lives in the September 11 attacks. The last time I checked, a human life had no price tag. But how quickly we forget.

How would the protesters feel or how quick would they be to volunteer if our largest children's hospital was ridden by smallpox disease? To see a one-year-old baby suffering because our budget didn't allow us to stop Saddam or because we didn't ever think he was really going to use any of the mass destructive weapons. I would like to see historical research to learn what country has ever defended themselves with tons of stored anthrax or other fatal diseases. Aren't these offensive weapons?

Some argue we are sending innocent military into Iraq, risking lives of our American soldiers. That is what our military is for. To defend our freedom. This is the job they signed up for going to the armed forces. If the U.S. faces a war-type situation, they will be called upon. I can't believe anyone in our military was misled about that fact. I have relatives in the military. I am scared of what will be asked of them. But I trust in their abilities and the United State's knowledge, technology and passion for our freedom.

I am a person that can shed a tear every time the National Anthem is sung and the fighter jets streak over top. I think about the era when that song was written and I get goose bumps. Betsy Ross who made the American flag, Harriet Tubman who created the Underground Railroad. People who had so much passion for freedom, for America. Where has that passion gone today? Can you imagine not being able to speak out, to wake up and decide our daily routine, to educated ourselves. Thousands of people flee to America every day to live out the American dream.

It is something I was born into, something that can easily be taken for granted, the loss has never been threatened.

I ask that everyone reading this take a moment and think about it. Imagine being ruled. Imagine our homeland being attacked. Imagine being ridden with deliberately planted fatal disease. Imagine having no right to live your life the way you choose. Isn't it worth the fight? Yes, I think preserving freedom is worth it. Looking through the history books... it always has been.

- Ralna Krager is a Pilot-Tribune advertising representative from Sioux Rapids.