Decade of recycling pays off for SL

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Even after more than 10 years, there are daily challenges to maintain a quality recycling program.

But that's just one of the goals of the Harold Rowley Recycling Center, located south of Storm Lake. The recycling center has been in the business of keeping what's reusable out of the landfill.

The county's waste management system has been effective in that time of cutting landfill waste by the state required 25 percent. The Rowley Recycling Center does that through a combination of recycling and composting.

"A lot of counties can't make the 25 percent, but with composting we pick up a lot our requirement," said Ellsworth Jeppesen, manager of the recycling center.

Anywhere from 48 to 60 percent of the material hauled to the center is recycled. The Buena Vista County recycling and landfill serves all of Buena Vista County and the City of Fonda.

Within that there have been challenges. The county landfill is close to filling up, so Buena Vista County has been working closely with Cherokee County. The majority of solid material from B.V. is now going to the Cherokee landfill. That should double the B.V. County's landfill life from four to eight years, Jeppesen said.

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