Walking wounded

Thursday, February 27, 2003

BVU's big man hobbles to 1,000 point career

It's exactly 16 minutes after the home fans climbed to their feet to give him one more ovation as he came out of the final regular season game of his career.

Chris Petersen has limped back out to the gym now, a big bag of ice wrapped around his scarred knee. A few patient kids are waiting, wanting Buena Vista University's familiar center to sign the back of their tee-shirts. A pretty girl thrusts out her palm for his autograph.

He seems a little surprised, and a touch embarrassed, at the attention.

"It's flattering, but I'm just a beat-up Division 3 player from small-town Iowa, so I don't ever take myself too seriously," he says. "It's nice to have played in a place like Storm Lake, where people will come up to you and smile and talk to you. Because of basketball, I've met a lot of good people around here."

Modesty aside, check the numbers - over 1,000 points poured in over his college career, nearly 650 rebounds snatched, shooting 60 percent for his career (third on the BVU all-time list), part of a team record of 76-10 in the Iowa Conference over the past four years, three national tournament appearances, back-to-back conference titles.

There are a couple of other numbers you should know about this Chris Petersen - a three and a four.

Three - the number of major knee surgeries he has undergone, and still continued to play.

Four - as in "four-point-oh," the perfect straight-A grade point average this academic All-American maintains even during the rigors of travel during a college basketball season.

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