Rec Center, State Park may tag up

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

DNR vision could change location and makeup of $10m community center plan

The hopes for a Storm Lake Community Recreation Center could change direction sharply this week as local proponents for a State Park development meet in Storm Lake Wednesday afternoon.

The multi-million-dollar Community Recreation Center plan has been put on hold briefly to determine whether it can be blended in with a State Park project, according to Mayor Jon Kruse, who heads up a comm-ittee that has been looking at the community building project for well over a year.

"The committee is waiting for the presentation to community leaders this week, to determine if the two projects can somehow go together," Kruse said. "I'm optimistic that something positive will come out of this (State Park) discussion, and if it does, I think there is a good chance there is an opportunity there for the community center as well."

The community center, with a rough price estimate of $10 million plus a $1 million operating endowment, was slated for medical center foundation-owned land near the Fitness & Health Center off Highway 7. It is to include an outdoor aquatic center with a lazy river tube ride, waterslides, concessions and other amenities. Inside, there would be another five-lane pool capable of hosting year-around competitions, a gym big enough for three basketball courts and a volleyball court, which could be converted into a large space for conventions or trade shows, fitness center, community meeting rooms or classrooms, space for senior citizens and a children's day care center for people using the facilities.

Get your copy of the Pilot Tribune and look on today's front page for all the details.

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