Humor used to deal with subject of eating disorders

Monday, February 10, 2003

A recovered anorexic and national comedian blended humor with a serious message about the dangers of eating disorders during an hour-long multimedia presentation on Tuesday night at Buena Vista University, looking to help inform the college students about a serious health issue which affects millions of Americans today.

Michelle Garb presented the story of her 15-year battle with anorexia to a standing-room only crowd in the Dows Conference Center at BVU with a presentation entitled "Fat Brain, Skinny Body," a lecture which contained humorous anecdotes from her life and numerous facts and figures about the health conditions.

Garb said the very nature of eating disorders - serious conditions which can lead to a number of major health problems if not treated - and her own experiences with anorexia gave her the inspiration to use humor as a way of providing information about the topic to people.

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