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Center for Women is taking shape at BVRMC

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

It might be hard to tell from the outside, but there's a lot going on inside the Center for Women, one of the highlights of the current construction boom at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center.

Ann Mackrill-Wilson, the marketing director, and Lenny McDonald, engineering director, conducted a tour yesterday of the construction site.

Mackrill-Wilson said the community is expressing a lot of interest in the quickly emerging Women's Center.

"They can see the lights on, but it's hard to tell what's happening inside now," she said.

Most of the exterior work is complete, according to Chad Lennon, supervisor for the Woodruff Construction. Some more windows need to be installed and the main entrance needs to be completed, he said.

The women's center will focus on three areas - diagnostic, clinical and educational.

A valuable resource for the community, and one of the more striking rooms so far in the new center, is the resource center - a library featuring the latest information on health from Longe Life Libraries.

Mackrill-Wilson said Longe Life ensures that the library materials are updated regularly, and will feature information in print and on computer. It will not only be a tool for patients, but for family, physicians and nurses, Mackrill-Wilson.

Right now the metal framework is up inside the center and sheet rock will start to be installed this week, McDonald said.

The new entrance on the southwest side will serve clients to both the women's center and rehab services. As patients enter, they will either be directed to the west to the Center for Women or to the north and a new rehab area.

Construction has not yet started on the new first-floor rehabilitation wing of the project.

Layout is designed to streamline the Center for Women with other services the medical center currently offers. For example, the west end of the center will connect with the existing radiology department for easier access to tests such as ultrasound and bone densitomtry.

And while components of the Center for Women cater to women, the concepts behind it are focused on a healthy family.

"In one way the diagnostic services will serve women, but in other ways the center will serve everyone in the family," Mackrill-Wilson said.

The resource center is a major example - not only women will make use of what that has to offer. And the BVRMC Center for Women will also move beyond the diagnostic imaging services other women's centers generally offer.

"There is not anything that is this comprehensive in the area," said Mackrill-Wilson.

And while construction progresses on the Center for Women, the exterior brick work will begin this week for the new lab and admitting areas.

Being able to proceed with construction on both the lab/admitting area and the women's center has allowed for the contractor to cut an estimated six months off the project. All construction is tentatively set to wrap up in December 2003.

Also, Mackrill-Wilson praised the contractor for working well with medical center employees.

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