Letters to the Pilot

Monday, December 2, 2002

Help Genesis

to help Santa and his Castle


Genesis Development would like to ask the support of the Storm Lake community as we raise funds for Santa's Castle this holiday season. As you may be aware, Santa's Castle is a unique Storm Lake holiday attraction that operates primarily off entrance fees, donations and volunteer help.

Since October 1, Genesis has been accepting can and cash donations from the community in support of Santa's Castle. We are well on our way to our goal of $1,500, which is 30,000 cans! In addition, Genesis staff, family members and people receiving services will be volunteering at Santa's Castle each Thursday evening throughout the holidays.

Our reason for these efforts is three-fold: to raise money for a good cause, to give back to this community in return for their support of our efforts for people with disabilities, and to involve the people we serve in being contributors. We believe that it's important for each of us to understand that we can all be givers, each according to our abilities - we are limited only by our attitudes. I'm proud of the response to this fundraiser by the people we serve - they have been very generous with both their redeemable cans, and pledging their time to help staff the Castle.

We hope that you will join our fundraiser on Friday, December 6, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., as Genesis partners with McDonald's and KAYL radio to broadcast live from our location on North Lake Avenue. Anyone dropping off a bag of cans that morning will receive a prize, anything from a free McDonald's value meal to free Coke products to a free pair of gloves from Bomgaars!

Thank you in advance to the people and businesses that have already helped Genesis Development help Santa's Castle. We will continue to accept Santa's Castle donations through December 31.

Cindy Wiemold,

Genesis Development

Call us 'mighty,' not 'little'


It would have been nicer if you had said "Mighty Nemaha" as the headline on your article about Nemaha and their fire truck.

Kathy Norris from

Nemaha "A Mighty

Small Town"

New World Order economy


This year is likely to be a slow Christmas shopping season and businesses should brace themselves for a disappointing turnout. People are having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit with war and terror looming over our heads.

Teens are wondering when the draft will be reinstated and they will be hauled off to Iraq. One million people are about to lose their unemployment. So many older people who lost their life savings with companies like Enron and Worldcom going bankrupt. And

congress is rewriting the bankruptcy laws giving credit card companies more power which causes people to be leery about running up any more debt.

America's future is uncertain and many people believe that the worst is yet to come. And with Pentagon programs like Total Information Awareness

and Homeland Security looking at everything you buy - many people just don't want to support an economy that funds domestic spying. Some people

are protesting the war by refusing to shop. People are worried about losing their jobs. Welcome to the New World Order economy.

Marc Perkel,

Via the internet