Letters to the Pilot

Monday, November 11, 2002


David Schmidt


Your thoughts about David Schmidt are right on line. He was a strong and thoughtful

man, who lived every hour of every day to its fullest.

I knew that Dave was ill. But he never really told me much about his problems. His conversation was more about you and others.

Dave was a great employee, always on top of what needed to be done and ever involved until the work was finished.

Dana Larsen's tribute is right. Dave had time for everyone and everyone enjoyed that contact. He

earned the right to be everyone's friend by his actions and reactions. Nella and I are proud to have had him as a friend. And we thank him for his positive example of who and what is important in our lives.

Out heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife, Gini, and family. David will be missed.

We thank God that we were fortunate to know him.

Bob and Nella O'Brien,

Storm Lake

Old school



Remember election years in the old days? I think they had something called a platform.

As I remember it, the candidate said what he'd do for you if elected (not many she's back then). I think these were called issues.

Back then, the candidate was too busy trying to sell himself to even notice if the opposing candidate farted at an inappropriate time. Back then, energies were focused on public concerns and things that mattered. The focus was on the future not the past.

Oh, does anyone else long for the old days?

Rebecca Segebart,



warms hearts


Dear Mr. Goodfellow,

My daughter and I truly appreciate your help with keeping her little toes, fingers, and head warm this winter. Thanks again!

- A Storm Lake mom

Dear Mr. Goodfellow,

Thank you for taking my son shopping for a new winter coat. Every year I keep tabs on Mr. Goodfellow. Your organization is a wonderful outfit. Your donation was much appreciated.

- A Storm Lake family

Editor's note: The Pilot-Tribune's Mr. Goodfellow fund raises donations to buy warm winter clothes for needy local children. The fund currently stands at $1,300. To donate, send a check to Mr. Goodfellow, in care of the Pilot-Tribune, P.O. Box 1187, Storm Lake, 50588. Thank you!

King thanks


On behalf of Steve King, congressman-elect for the 5th Congressional District, I want to thank those who contributed monetarily to his campaign, posted signs on their property, delivered campaign literature, worked the phones, hosted events and went to the polls on November 5 to cast a ballot for him. And thank you to the Pilot-Tribune for printing the Letters to the Editor that were submitted on his behalf. It is a privilege to be an American and participate in the democratic process.

Jim Treat

BV County King for

Congress Chair