Letter to the Pilot

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Motel tax 'a part of the puzzle'


Storm Lake residents will be asked to vote on the Hotel/Motel Tax issue on November 5th. The Storm Lake Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports this tax and encourages the community to get out to vote and vote "YES" for the Hotel/ Motel Tax!

The Hotel/Motel Tax can be another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that continues to make up the whole picture of "The City Beautiful." If one looks at the pieces that make up today's puzzle of our community, many fit in just right. Adjoining pieces, each adding something to the picture, surrounds them. But let's imagine that there are no edges, no straight boundaries to end this puzzle. Setting around our picture are many pieces of the puzzle that are constantly moving from side to side, trying to fit in, trying to become "part of the picture." As we may recall with our own experiences with puzzles, once you find that missing piece, several others fall into place and the picture grows. There are several pieces "moving around" in this community looking for a chance to fit in. There are interest groups ready and waiting for that opportunity to connect.

The Hotel/Motel Tax is a vital connection of many of these pieces. This tax will enable the picture to grow. Waiting to connect with this one important piece could be pieces representing a recreation center, lake improvement, a convention center facility or a destination park. Our "City Beautiful" picture can be expanding again if this piece of the puzzle finds its place. A marketing plan can be developed to promote this wonderful quality of life counteracting any bad press the community might receive. Economic development will take note of what our community has to offer.

Voting yes for the Hotel/Motel Tax is creating an opportunity for the community to re-invest the revenue created from this tax into the picture puzzle of "The City Beautiful." Take time out of your busy schedule and vote November 5th and be sure to vote "YES" for the Hotel/Motel Tax.

Marilyn Monson,

Storm Lake

Chamber of Commerce