Letter to the Pilot

Monday, November 4, 2002

BVU leader on SL motel tax


In "Questions and Answers about the Proposed Hotel/Motel Tax" (The Storm Lake Pilot Tribune October 12), the Storm Lake Chamber of Commerce outlines several reasons the proposed hotel/motel tax will benefit our community. I would like to add my own perspective in support of the proposal.

Each year, Buena Vista University conducts market research to determine the reasons students from out of town choose to enroll at BVU. One of the top deciding factors is always a campus visit. Once prospective students (and prospective faculty and staff members, for that matter) see the beauty of our lakeside community and our well-kept facilities, very often they decide this is a place where they want to be.

I would argue that the same is true for the city of Storm Lake. Most of the revenue from the proposed hotel/motel tax will be used to fund improvements to our parks, recreations and the lake - the very thing that attract visitors to our community. These improvements will actually boost tourism by creating even more reasons for people to come to Storm Lake and contribute to our local economy.

I know the beauty of Storm Lake is one of the Buena Vista University's finest assets. Therefore, I support protecting it, and I feel the proposed hotel/motel tax will help us in that endeavor.

-Frederick V. Moore

President, BVU