Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Immigrant students not welcome?


This is a response to your story about immigrant Mac Kaminsky being forced to leave the country.

It is difficult to believe that all of this is taking place in a country established by immigrants, a country that claims to be friendly and open to every culture, and the country of great opportunities.

As an international student from Europe, I can relate to Mac's frustration. If it is so difficult to live and work here, then why do I hear foreign languages being spoken more than clear English in cities like Chicago and New York? The system trusts us enough to give us a student loan and credit cards. We are paying taxes and working hard to be useful and

contributing members of American society. Like everyone, we are building visions of our future, establishing friendships, and getting involved in our community. We begin to think that, with skills from both continents and knowledge of many languages and cultures, we are becoming citizens of the world. In one day, an institution named the INS is able to destroy this illusion by giving us sixty days to leave the country. We are no longer welcome here.

Magda Kubiniec,

UNI student