Controversy has impact on SL Planned Parenthood

Monday, October 21, 2002

The recent controversy over confidentiality of pregnancy test results has had some impact on the Storm Lake Planned Parenthood clinic.

According to office director Sue Thayer, it is difficult to tell how much of an impact the controversy has had on overall client services, but it has reduced the number of women who have come to Planned Parenthood for pregnancy tests, and caused considerable concern among some existing clients who have been worried about their own past test results being turned over to law enforcement officials if Planned Parenthood has lost a court battle.

Currently, the Buena Vista County Attorney has requested to drop the subpoena to obtain the records for use in a child death investigation, saying that the court struggle was taking too much time and resources from his office, and noting the public opinion is split on the issue.

Thayer said she feels the demand for Planned Parenthood testing has not returned to the levels of before the controversy, but she feels the number of tests will return to that level in time.

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