Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Supporting immigrant: 'have a heart'


I will begin by saying that I'm extremely distraught about this entire situation with Mac Kaminsky. Being a former fellow student at the University of Northern Iowa, I know firsthand the kind of person Mac is as a student, but more importantly as a friend. As a pre-med major, I know what it takes to be a successful student, employee and a worthy U.S. citizen.

Mac has all the qualities it takes to flourish in this country: intelligence, exceptional communication skills, admirable drive to succeed, tremendous interpersonal relationships, and a heart of gold. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe so, until you've actually met him in person and realize that these qualities mentioned may even be an understatement.

Graduating with honors with a marketing degree from UNI, Mac was immediately sought after by Minolta Business Solutions, Inc., a respectable company in Illinois that was astounded by his resume and wanted Mac as one of their own sales representatives. Why would anyone want to deport such a valuable young person? I guess the answer is that the government would rather keep illegal immigrants here working in meatpacking plants than have a successful businessman, who is not illegal in any way, stay in our country and set an example for generations to come. Sounds ludicrous?


Obviously somewhere along the line, the government has its priorities all in disarray. Pondering the future, what does this mean for other foreign exchange students that want to come and study in our country and consider being a U.S. citizen themselves one day? Is that what the government is trying to do - trying to eliminate diversity that makes our country so unique and desirable?

Whatever the reason, it's absolutely ridiculous and utterly unreasonable. I could continue indefinitely and discuss reasons why Mac Kaminsky should be able to reside in our country. I just ask the government to take a step back, examine all his qualities, and reconsider what they want to do. I find it difficult to understand why the government would allow such a valuable and caring person to slip right through their hands. I guess they've never met him. I guess they don't believe in giving people a chance. I guess they don't have a heart.

Jennifer Dawson,

Cedar Rapids