Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Term limits


That nation whose elected officials serve the shortest terms is the most free and most prosperous...

In Washington we have representatives who have voted themselves retirement plans that equal their current pay scale, and they are eligible after only one term.

So why do they want re-election? Power. Once people have the power to take from one group of people and give the benefit to others, they want to keep that power.

In Montana the second conviction for animal abuse will get you two years and $2,000. So beat up on your wife instead, it will only cost you $500.

In Florida if you only disturb a sea turtle in its egg you may get 10 years and $100,000. Murder an unborn child, that is fine.

We pay farmers not to farm and pay poor folks so they can afford to buy food. We have an expensive tobacco program and subsidize cancer research.

We pay massive amounts to revitalize a downtown area that died because there was no place to park. And we build more bigger, expensive buildings, where a parking lot ought to be. Then the taxpayers are called upon to subsidize the bus to take people to them.

I would rather be ruled by people randomly selected out of the white pages of the phone book than by the folks seeking re-election of either party...

Floyd Coates,

Via e-mail