MotorIoway tour to make first visit to Storm Lake

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The MotorIoway 1000 tour will make its first visit to Storm Lake on October 10, with 210 classic, antique or collector vehicles expected to participate or be on exhibit in the city.

In addition to the MotorIoway tour cars coming into the city, there will be a display of some 30-40 local machines by the Storm Lake SERPACI auto club, stores open special hours into the evening, and food and stage entertainment on Lake Avenue, according to chamber of commerce officials.

MotorIoway is intended to share the history of the motorcar with people all across the state and into the surrounding states - bringing seldom-seen cars out onto the road rather than putting them behind velvet ropes in museums.

This year's week-long 1000-mile tour begins in Clear Lake, runs through Okoboji and into Minnesota, turns into South Dakota, and back to Storm Lake for the final overnight stay. After several years of the tours, interest is so high that the tours must be limited to 200 cars. The field had nearly been filled by July, with participants coming from 10 states and over 80 Iowa communities.

The MotorIoway cars will be arriving in Storm Lake from 3-5 p.m., with a welcoming supper being planned. 5:50-8 p.m. is the "Shine Time" informal car show, with the public encouraged to meet the drivers and view the machines. The cars depart Friday morning to return to Clear Lake.

Twenty-three MotorIoway participants will be "first-timers" and 44 will be participating in their sixth fall tour; not having missed any since our 1996 inaugural event.

MotorIoway is no "Cannonball Run" - it's machines travel a leisurely pace with a great deal of camaraderie and visiting time with people all along the way.

Among the entries so far are everything from a 1935 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster to a 2002 Hummer, and Model A Fords to sleek Jaguars.

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