Letter to the Pilot

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Schaller made a difference for health care


Thank you for your editorial, which so eloquently articulated the contributions made by Marcia Schaller over the past 18 years as she served on the Board of Trustees for Buena Vista Regional Medical Center. I only wish I would have written it myself.

During my recent tenure as the Director of Women's Health Services at BVRMC, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Marcia on the women's center project. Although I admit that initially I found her honesty and confrontational style somewhat unnerving, they soon became the character traits I admired in her the most. Her open willingness to agree to disagree eliminated the need for back peddling over what may or may not have been said, or second guessing where she stood on an issue - with Marcia that was always clear. Whether discussing the architectural design, or the services and programming to be housed in the center, her passion for achieving excellence in the field of women's health was always evident.

Thank you Marcia... for moving the women's center forward and for being consistent, persistent and a person of excellence. Thank you for your willingness to be controversial... you have made a difference.

Kim Lyons-Weiland,