Woman Without a Country

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Exiled former prime minister of Pakistan brings a passionate plea for peace to BVU

On the stage stands a woman without a country.

She delivers a striking, emotional plea for peace, growing more passionate as she goes, so much so that the power of her words eventually shakes loose the wispy, traditional headdress that she wears, allowing it to puddle softly around her shoulders and baring a mane of dark hair tinged with copper.

She touches only briefly, but with obvious pain, on the prices she has paid for her beliefs.

Her father, prime minister of Pakistan before her, deposed and hung. Her husband, captured as a political prisoner - she does not know if and when she will see him again. The separation from her three children, one of whom turns 14 on the day she is a world away in Storm Lake, Iowa. Her political career, in shambles after being twice forced from the leadership of her nation. Her heart heavy with the prospects of nuclear war between her country and neighboring India. The constant threat of personal violence against her by the terrorist extremists that she has long spoken out against. And the self-imposed exile from her homeland, where she is to be again imprisoned if she ever returns.

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