Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Let respect be in style with Alta school dress code


I don't know about you, but I always thought school was a place to learn. A place where children follow directions, obey rules and learn to be respectful.

I am from Alta, graduated not long ago in 1996, so I like to think I am not too out of style. Lately all I've been hearing around town is, "I hate our dress code!" or "Have you heard about our new dress code?"

Now, it is great the kids are able to stand up, voice out, and even get on the news but what for?

All because they can't wear short-shorts, low-cut shirts, shirts that show off their belly rings, or shirts that have derogatory sayings on them. I see enough of that on the TV or just out in public for that matter since clothing has gone from slim to none.

Every school has a dress code, that's a fact. I am just sorry the students of Alta are looking at their new dress code as a bad thing, instead of an opportunity for better learning.

Kelli Pedersen,