Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Protect med test privacy


I too live in a small town in northwest Oregon with a

population of only 1,600. I recently read an article in our local paper concerning a

controversy your town is

having concerning Planned Parenthood and the privacy of their patients.

Patient confidentiality should never be threatened. Be it a man or a women in any medical or dental office, we all should know that whatever we say or do in those offices will never be relayed to anyone outside of that office unless consented by that patient.

If this were not a Planned Parenthood office, would all this controversy exist? Surely not. It is a sad thing that a child's life was ended, that a mother felt so desperate - but women should feel safe knowing that they can go to their doctor without the town knowing everything about them. Don't let the government take that away from us too.

Cindy Smith,

Clatskanie, Ore.