Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Pass the ball, boys . . .


Being avid football fans, we were extremely disappointed to open our Thursday edition of the Pilot-Tribune. As we turned to the sports page, we saw the weekly football picks line-up. And yet again, the panel is made up entirely of males! Now guys... there are plenty of women who equally enjoy watching football! And there are plenty of us who would be qualified to join the esteemed chosen few on the panel! Sorry guys... but football isn't just for males anymore! Welcome to the new century! Here in our office, we ourselves have a friendly (most days) rivalry... one of us being a Packers fan, the other a Vikings fan! So the day after the Pack takes on the Vikes can be very interesting... depending on who won, of course! So take it from a couple of female football fans... we would love to see at least ONE woman, if not TWO on your weekly football picks line-up! Just give us a chance, and see how we do!

Sandy "Backin' the

Pack" Robinson,

Angie "Purple

Packer-Eater" Titus