Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Support gas stations with best prices


On Aug. 21, I went to fill my vehicle with gas. The price for gas at several stations in town was $1.45.9. Then I went to Pronto on the southwest corner of town, where I found a price of $1.39.9. That is $.06 per

gallon less! The price in Lakeside was $1.43.9. Casey's in Alta was $1.39.9. Other areas within a 60-mile radius range from $1.35.9 to $1.43.9.

I realize that gas delivery prices might have a small effect on the prices, but that does not account for such a great variation. On a recent trip to southern Texas, I never paid more for gas than here in Storm Lake.

Friends, it is time to support those businesses that give us the best prices. So, I encourage those on the east side of town to buy your gas at Lakeside Marina, and those on the west side of town to patronize the good people at Pronto. I will not be buying gas or anything else from downtown stations.

Lowell Fields,

Storm Lake