Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Governor, where's the debates?


Tom Vilsack said four years ago that the candidates for governor should hold an hour-long debate on one issue: education. In his own words, candidate Vilsack said, "If we truly want a different kind of campaign, it's up to the candidates to put themselves together on the same platform on the same day on the same occasion to talk about specific issues."

Four years later, Republican Doug Gross has challenged Governor Vilsack to the same format of five debates dedicated to a single topic: economic development, education, managing state government, the state budget and agriculture.

What is Tom Vilsack saying this time? Nothing. I'm ready for a governor who is going to lead this state forward. I'm ready to get rid of "Timid Tom" and replace him with Doug Gross, a guy who can and will get things done.

Alma D. Blume,