Letter to the Pilot

Thursday, August 15, 2002

A party with a point


The National Night Out Block Party on Western Avenue was a huge success, with nearly 50 people in attendance. A special thanks to our police, firemen and paramedics for their patience and understanding to field a barrage of questions and their willingness to assist the young people as they clamored in and out of the vehicles displayed. It appeared as though the policemen, firemen and ambulance personnel were having as much fun as the young ones. I, personally, think I have three grandchildren who may have decided their future professions but it is a tossup at this time as to which it may be. We are very fortunate to have the fine dedicated service personnel who constantly give and risk their time and personal safety to serve others.

So the next time you meet a law enforcement officer, fireman, or paramedic, take the time to thank them for being there when you need them, for protecting you and your property is what they do.

Dick and Bev Keen,

Storm Lake