Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, August 15, 2002

The angry American


I am a Caucasian American whose rights and freedoms no longer exist, thanks to the hoodlums in Congress.

I reside in a section of this community that is best known as Skid Row, or The Other Side of the Tracks. If you want to see a dump inside the city limits, drive down West 8th Street sometime during daylight hours, it's not safe after dark.

I want other citizens to see the garbage, furniture, car parts, mattresses, tires and used oil in the dumpsters or sitting along the curb. There is one pile of materials that is being saved for a bonfire for our next pep rally. I want to challenge bleeding heart liberals who live "where the elite meet to eat" to exchange living quarters with me and my wife for two weekends to see and hear what happens.

Every weekend beginning on Thursday and lasting until late Sunday night the constant partying, noise from the beat of speakers and stereos so loud you can't hear your TV or get a good night's sleep.

You do not take your trash to the dumpster or pick up your mail from the mailbox on the weekend without a weapons permit or law enforcement escort.

The real truth is the area is a dump inside the city limits. I would love to move but you could not get the money from your mobile home that you paid for it several years ago, so you get the royal shaft again.

I want it to be known that my mother was working at a small business here in Storm Lake and was told that her services were no longer needed because Mexicans who did business in the establishment did not want white Americans waiting on them. Where is the ICLU? Oh, I forgot they don't help Caucasian Americans.

Bob Henderson,

Storm Lake