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Thursday, August 1, 2002

15 years in community

After entering the city limits of Alta for the first time 15 years ago, Darell DePrez noticed something that immediately gave him a positive feeling about the town: a sign saying Alta was "a nice place to call home."

DePrez, who had been in the retail business for a number of years, had come to northwest Iowa after hearing a vacant grocery store building on the corner of Main and 3rd Street was up for rent, and, after peering through the dark doors of the structure, he decided to see if the phrase on the sign was correct.

Driving up and down every street in town, DePrez noticed the clean city park and the well-kept houses. He saw that each street had its own curb and gutter and recognized that the downtown was alive and well. After viewing the entire town, DePrez went to a pay phone and called his wife Lynn. He had found the town for them to run a grocery store in.

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