Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Hold the hogs


Sand Livestock Systems of Nebraska is attempting to move into Northwest Iowa because

communities in Nebraska have denied them permits to build there. Sand Systems, a multi-national company that currently owns 47,000 sows, is building giant hog units near Odebolt and Kiron, and plans to build even more units to raise 70,000 factory farm hogs in Iowa. Our three county area is already overcrowded with mega hog units owned and controlled by other corporate agribusinesses such as Iowa Select - we do not need any more factory farm hogs!

Just recently the DNR issued an environmental violation to Sand Livestock System for problems with a factory farm manure pit that the company is building in Pocahontas County. Sand System's self-proclaimed "state-of-the-art" construction techniques were found to have "extensive cracking and some blowouts along the crack lines," as well as appearing to lack the 5-inch depth specifications required for the floor of the manure pit.

Many local people oppose Sand System's plan to raise 70,000 factory farm hogs in Iowa. Over 850 residents have signed a petition saying they do not want any more factory farms in Sac, Ida and Crawford Counties. Northwest Iowa does not need any more factory farm hogs! Hog factories pollute our air and water, are harmful to our health, and drive

independent hog producers out of business.

Ken and Karen Wise,

Sac City