Letters to the Pilot

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Storm Lake gas? I don't think so


I am a firm believer in supporting our hometown business merchants, especially if and when the products and services are obtainable and competitive.

That theory certainly doesn't apply to the purchase of

gasoline in Storm Lake. If your gas tank is near empty and you have plans to travel any

direction from Storm Lake, it

is no gamble, for you can most certainly purchase fuel at a

considerable lower price

elsewhere. I personally have purchased fuel from three to sixteen cents less - consistently - and not too far from Storm Lake either for that matter.

I have never had it explained to me why this is so. Is it price gouging, collusion or just plain greed? It is a mystery to me. I know the price you pay for any product is pretty much determined by what the customer is willing to pay. But I, for one, prefer not to purchase gasoline in Storm Lake. It is a matter of principle. I feel as though we are being had.

Dick Keen,

Storm Lake