Letter to the Pilot

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Trip to NYC


It seems that some people are uncertain about traveling - especially flying - since September 11. I'd like to tell you of our recent travels to the heart of the nation, New York City!

Twenty Emerald Club members and guests from Central Bank of Storm Lake and Cherokee recently enjoyed a six day tour of New York City. We had no problems traveling at all. The worse thing that happened was a few of us having to take off our shoes in Sioux City to have them run through the x-ray machine. Sioux City security was tighter than at LaGuardia in New York. Highlights of our trip included tours of the Untied Nations, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, and a walk down Times Square at night. Walking, driving, and boating tours around Manhattan Island were also enjoyed. We were delighted to have a wonderful seats at the "Off Broadway" production of Les Miserables. A stop at "Ground Zero" also included. We walked onto the platform, and looked out at the sight, which now looks like an ordinary construction sight. Nearby is the "Church that Stood," which did not even have a broken window from the 9-11 tragedy. The iron fence bordering the old church is covered with shirts, caps, letters, flowers, teddy bears, pictures-it left us with goosebumps. We stayed near Central Park, and were amazed how clean and beautiful a park in the middle of such a huge city (11/2 million people) can be! Flowers and trees were in bloom, grass as green as our own was neatly trimmed, and no garbage was in sight. We enjoyed the clip-clop of hooves as horse-drawn carriages offered quiet rides through the park. We got up early and walked to Rockefeller Plaza, with hopes of being seen on the Today Show. Some of us dined at "Tavern on the Green," some of us participated in a tour of the NBC Studios where we saw the set of Saturday Night Live, and some of us ventured onto New York's subway to end up in "Little Italy" for a great Italian meal. We paused in awe at the sight of the Statue of Liberty, and all of us agreed that New York City is definitely a great place to visit, and we would recommend it to anyone.

Stacy Meyer

Emerald Club Director

Central Bank, Storm Lake