Pilot Editorial

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Dredging for ideas

You have to love the way the Lake Preservation Association thinks. If the question of what to do with the soupy sludge sucked out of the lake is the stumbling block to more dredging, the LPA is out looking for a way to turn that biggest drawback into a potential advantage.

With the help of an expert from Massachusetts, the LPA is researching possible ways to turn spoil into a saleable project - if they are successful, local dollars could go much farther in dredging.

Perhaps it is unlikely that Storm Lake will use the product to build a rolling 18-hole golf course or a dandy ski mountain, but if the material could be trucked away for some productive use in farming, construction or any of 18 other uses that the Managing Earth Resources program prescribes for spoil soil, a widespread, continuing effort to deepen Storm Lake and improve water quality suddenly becomes more affordable and practical to maintain.

Kudos - Hats off to the Chamber of Commerce for the "Taste of Storm Lake" events. What a fun way to help out local community and youth causes, while getting people out of the house to enjoy a block-party style gathering in our lovely downtown shopping village on those pleasant summer nights. We hope the things grow into mini-festivals with local musicians, performers and artisans as well as tasty cookouts. One more charming feather in the hat of The City Beautiful.