Letter to the Pilot

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Campaign twisting

I read with amusement the claims and concerns from the Redwine and Ballenger campaigns that the Club for Growth's endorsement of Steve King really does not amount to much. If this is indeed the case, why did the Redwine campaign send various correspondences to the Club lying and distorting Sen. King's record in an attempt to steal this

endorsement for their


A key Redwine volunteer was quoted after the District Convention, stating that Steve King should withdraw from this race as he had no support and this was now a race between Redwine and Ballenger. If that was indeed true, why then is the Redwine campaign running ads attacking and distorting the record of Steve King, a man Dr. Redwine professes to be his friend? The only logical explanation is that they must have polling numbers that indicate that their campaign is flagging while Steve King's campaign is on the upswing...

While Steve King and Brent Siegrist have run positive campaigns based upon their ideas, values and the issues, Redwine and Ballenger apparently feel that they cannot effectively compete on this level and have chosen to go negative... I certainly hope that the voters of the Fifth District remember this on June 4.

Stephen Salem,

Sioux City