Letter to the Pilot

Thursday, May 30, 2002

A tax by any other name...


Recently we had the privilege of paying our real estate taxes on our home in Bayard. It is old but as modern as can be. A few days later I paid the insurance on our 1996 van. Would you believe the premium was a few dollars more than the taxes on the home?

I look around and wonder at the many blessings we receive for the money we spend for taxes - schools, police protection, streets and maintenance, street lights, snow removal, sewer, garbage collection, and best of all, government close to home.

What do we get for the insurance? Only the knowledge that we are covered in case of an accident and we never have had one.

Our lawmakers shout that we have no tax increases. If this is so, I wonder what Mr. Bush and Congress and Mr. Vilsack and the Legislature call the huge increases we receive regularly in fees.

As an example, my wife is a World War II veteran. She started out a few years ago getting prescription drugs for $2 a fill. As of April 1, the cost

spiraled to $7. In addition, the cost of the doctor appointment went out of reason. Recently, as printed in the Des Moines Register, crude oil prices have been dropping almost daily. Yet, we all know where gasoline prices have been going.

Have you bought hunting

and fishing licenses recently? Or have you had the

opportunity to pay a fine?

Seat belt fines have gone

from about $25 to $47.50.

I call these tax increases.

If they are not, what are


I suppose lawmakers think we are too stupid to realize what they are doing to us.

Are we?

Ken Robinson