Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

McLeod solid on Storm Lake


I am the Regional General Manager for McLeodUSA. I have been involved in providing McLeodUSA services in Storm Lake since we first reached an agreement with the City allowing McLeodUSA to come into the city of Storm Lake. I am proud of the competitive services that McLeodUSA provides to the citizens of Storm Lake.

Recently our competition has brought in outside agents to sell their cable television service to Storm Lake. Some of the tactics that they have used have been questionable at best. McLeodUSA uses only our own full-time sales people. Our sales force won't be in town for only two weeks and leave, never to be seen or heard from again. As a company, we stand by our sales people and what they say. We don't believe in using misleading information to frighten people into purchasing a service, and we won't tolerate the practice in others.

McLeodUSA has spent several million dollars on its cable television and telephone systems in Storm Lake. We are bringing the citizens of Storm Lake the most up-to-date systems available. Our parent corporation is completing the final stages of reorganization under the bankruptcy laws, and that filing has in no way affected the services we offer in Storm Lake. And it won't. The people products and service you've come to expect from us are here to stay.

Brent Norgaard

Regional Manager