McCabe tabbed new SL grid boss

Monday, April 15, 2002

Former LM-ACT coach hopes to secure more winning seasons at SL

Bill McCabe secured his future. Now he'll try to secure winning seasons in Storm Lake's football future.

McCabe was hired as the new head football coach at Storm Lake on Thursday, leaving a school he had been at for 20 years.

McCabe was the head coach at Albert City-Truesdale for five years and an assistant coach at Northwest and now LM-ACT before becoming the head coach in 1995. He has had five straight winning seasons in six years as LM-ACT head coach.

It was a difficult decision for McCabe to leave his post at Albert City-Truesdale, but he had to make it because of possible future circumstances.

"It's a small school and not knowing with the state cuts and everything ... the unknown of what would happen here (at Albert City). Storm Lake offers stability and security," McCabe said.

"I think with its location and me being around this area - that was the main reason. That got me interested to begin with."

McCabe talked about the starting point of emphasis he will have with the program.

"I think that we need to get all the athletes and people you need for football to get them to come out," he said. "I think it starts in the junior high program and builds up. Kids have to have pride in their program and work hard for it."

McCabe also said he will place a heavy emphasis on weight training.

"I think it's very important," he said. "Weight training does many things. It prevents injuries and also makes you a more explosive athlete. I think one of the most important things is it shows a desire and willingness to put effort into a program. If there's a vested interest in your program they'll perform at a higher level. They learn how to work for something."

McCabe is a brilliant offensive mind who likes to use the entire football field.

"What we do is try to be balanced between the pass and the run and try to find mismatches," he said. "I will bring that, and hopefully, we will be successful. We want to make teams defend the whole field and then we try to find weaknesses and attack."

McCabe hasn't been able to dissect Storm Lake's football program, but he has a general idea of what to expect.

"I think what it has is athletic kids," he said. "From looking at their track team they have a lot of speed. You can have the basis to build a program with the numbers. I think there's potential."

"I think it would help the program if we could get athletes from St. Mary's involved," McCabe added. "We need to make them feel wanted. They're just as much a part of the football program as Storm Lake is."

McCabe's formula for winning football is quite simple.

"Football is a sport that you can win through hard work and preparation," he said. "To be successful, you have to have a program that works from the bottom up. Also, I think to be a successful program you have to have good assistant coaches who are willing to work and then be given the responsibility to do their job."

McCabe didn't have a lot of words to evaluate himself as a coach - just one basic premise.

"My strength as a coach is that I treat kids and coaches with respect and they tend to work pretty hard for me," he said.

Storm Lake athletic director Rick Anderson explained the search committee's choice.

"His past experience with having a great deal of success ... that along with the feeling we had that Bill really cares about kids and is in it for the right reasons and will work real hard and treat kids right," Anderson said. "He has confidence in his offensive and defensive philosophy and what he will bring to us. That confidence will rub off on our kids and will be beneficial to our program."

"We felt like we had some excellent candidates," Anderson added. "Of some very good ones, Bill still shined at the top."

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