BVRMC Auxiliary invites Festival of Trees entries

Thursday, April 11, 2002

The Auxiliary Board would like to extend an invitation to every business, organization, and individual in Buena Vista County to have an entry in the Festival of Trees project.

Again this year they will be accepting 6-foot tree entries, 3-foot tree entries, or 30-inch wreath entries. "We would love to include you in this exciting opportunity to support BVRMC," said auxiliary member Grace Ivey.

The Fundraiser will be kicked off on Sunday, November 3rd. The event will culminate with the Festival of Trees weekend at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23. The Festival of Trees fundraiser benefits not only our regional hospital but gives the tree designers an opportunity to gain public recognition as well. The names of each business, organization, or individual who donates a decorated tree or wreath will be mentioned several times in the local media. Over 400 Auxiliary members will be out selling raffle tickets starting November 1, which means over 3,000 raffle tickets will be in circulation. You can count on increased number of patrons through your store or business from raffle ticket holders who want to view your decorated tree or wreath.

How it works.....

Entries must fall into one of the following categories: 6-foot tree, or a 30-inch wreath. A $200 cash prize per category will be awarded to the designer who has the most raffle tickets in their raffle box container at the time of the drawing.

The prize money will be awarded to the winners by the end of December. The prize money can be given to an organization of your choice, applied towards next year's entry, or retained by the winner. Because this fund-raiser gives so much exposure to the tree and wreath designer, we encourage everyone to decorate with high quality standards to portray the image you want of your business, organization and/or yourself.

If you are interested in donating a decorated wreath or tree please contact: Diane Porter, 732-4030 or Grace Ivey 732-4487 by April 30.